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Ian Balina, the esteemed founder and CEO of Token Metrics by weighing historical patterns against the current market trends, he predicts Bitcoin could reach $150,000 by April 2024. This is reminiscent of Bitcoin’s journey before and after halvings.

Attention Alternative Investors: 

Use case realization for MOBIC! (check also coinmarketcap!)

Steve (CEO) in his update from last Aug.: „Our first real-life use case is almost complete, and stands near Stuttgart, Germany with our technology partner, EGS, Ladesysteme

As you all know, we have been talking for some time about our loading stations and mobile loading containers for electric cars. Well, now the time has come when we can actually touch and see this use case!

We have our first working prototype installed with collaboration from a small town in Germany!

The tests I saw show that the loading station is working and almost ready to use, so the next step will be decentralized loading – giving everyone the opportunity to share electricity and earn money by doing it!  And in his latest interview with Liam (Steve-Interview) he tells us that they got the new design, a new most capable manager for it, and that by summer 2023 all will be up and running. Steve’s latest update from June 1st

Watch and hear the latest Interview with Steve (CEO) in German – on Youtube you can have it with sub-titles in Englisch too.


Mobolith, the project that will be the first to use MOBIC as a coin, is a private business project with its own website. It will be one of the first companies to run on DECENOMY. Details will follow about Mobolith, we will publish the corresponding links soon.

The picture in the link underneath is our loading station – still very basic in design (because this was not our top priority) but we will soon start seeing “DECENOMY loading stations” all over the world!“        The final launch is yet to be announced.

As for being part of this mobility venture let us assume the monthly rate of new coins you will get via masternoding will go down over time so you may still expect to triple your number of coins by next fall.  so my client whose account I am allowed to show with now 6M coins will have 18M end of next fall. Imagine! Bit mind-boggling. But he decided to stop for the moment and withdraw the daily new „minted“ coins. What is his return?

It is the daily 98.68/28248×30 days = +10.48% per month. And once BTC goes up (see this special offer on top for this scenario) and the price will raise independently on top this could be a multiple of 10%.

So it may now still be the time to build your portfolio with MOBIC before the price has multiplied.  – To illustrate the huge potential of all this I can show this client account at

Conclusion: even with a price not having changed by the end of 2023 you as an investor in MOBIC would still end up with a huge profit. Nothing to put all your funds in but a portion maybe when considering risk/reward. 

Learn how to masternode, stake yourself, and MUCH more at our ever expanding YieldNodes/Decenomy Knowledgebase!

ALERT: Price is very low now.  It is your chance now to build quietly and secretly your stack of coins cheaply as ever again possible. A good idea is buy into likely dips that you will see all the time.  Really looks like the sky is the limit. 10000 Mobic cost only around 40 $ at the moment. By lurking for occasional dips you might get them for maybe even less. Details about how Mobic will be used in detail may get disclosed in the forthcoming WHITEPAPER. The plan was to use Mobic to pay at the station. But beware of the risk involved! Conclusion of a recent interview with URS: Mobic will be used for charging cars both ways. This means by using your battery as storage you can earn by helping others with an empty battery earning on the way – like an Uber for energy.  Note: this is not meant as financial advice. Never.

Find a foto of the loading station here.  Some call it a charging station instead. A new term they use here is Mobolith!

Please visit Yieldnodes to read about the latest news from URS.

I found this affiliate program back in Feb. 2020 and showed it mainly to my previous forex clients – of course without offering any financial advice. Just as the CEO Steve I always mentioned the inherent risk with masternoding and that previous results were no guarantee for future results.

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A video explaining all well:

During Malta-Audit with Urs.


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