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Double your MOBIC within 3 months! Imagine, if price goes higher than 0.052$!


I want to make it short today.

MOBIC now takes only 91 days/3 months to double its number of coins via masternoding at – buy at
So we should have doubled again in early July. Although this will take more over time it should be still time left enough (4-5 months?) to double again within this year. Amazing, isn’t it.
On the way to 0.06€ and beyond. Buy the dips! And imagine if price doubles in the near future to 0.1$ – this would mean your investment x 6 within next 3 months. But only x2 wouldn’t be that bad. Of course, if you sell part of your new coins for BTC/cash daily this will take a bit longer. All up to you.
Learn how to masternode your MOBIC-coins successfully on this video
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Best regards
Juergen Bappert

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