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+4% net so far for August + 2 great news from masternoding

my son is having a holiday with his family on the island of Usedom in the Baltic Sea. He told me that before he entered the bridge near Anklau he saw a sign with the DECEONOMY logo – he knew it as he reads my updates.
By googling he found this interesting article:
– well, they spend one million EUR to house 350 refugees from Ukraine.
Great. As you may know, it is the holding near Anklau Decenomy is part of via one of its subsidiaries.
And also good news I found on reddit:
This means we soon should read details of the long-time planned electric
loading stations being ready to go. Sure, a team of over 60 programmers and tech people are working quietly in the background to move Decenomy including Yieldnodes ahead. Yes, the future looks bright for our loyal current and future investors!
As for my „latest find“ on my homepage: an 8k-investor wrote: „stick to masternoding and stop promoting rubbish“! Well, I do consider it a kind of gambling. But I consider chances to make a huge win much bigger than with any lottery. I won 19k€ back in 2016 with Lotto which was more than enough to spend 3 weeks in Peru and Bolivia visiting MachuPicchu and Salar de Uyuni. No risk no gain. All up to you.
As Steve always points out also Masternoding is not without risk either. So not forgetting to withdraw profits once in a while should be a good move. And maybe even risking part of it on „lottery-coins“.
Of course, you could earn this lottery-money by showing your account to friends and family as many of my investors do very successfully. And I also see many of them increasing their stake all the time. 
I wish you all the Best.