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Important Update June 20th – don’t miss the attachment!


I thought that you may not be yet a member of the Yieldnodes-Facebook-Group so you may not have seen this important video/zoom-call from Liam (with Steve/CEO participating!)
It was done on the 16th which was before this last stronger breakdown of the whole crypto market. It has recovered considerably so that I did not need to change this text on my homepage: BTW: while BTC lost around 53% YTD (Jan 1-June 20)

Masternoding made +38.5% net! (Jan 1-May 31) May result: great 6.5% given the present situation of the crypto market. So members here make good money with their BTC instead of losing money with hodling BTC!

Having started with 10k on Jan. 1st you’d be left with either 4.700 or 14.140€

(including 1st-2-week return for June) now – Imagine!

Draw Your own conclusions. Not sure? Then split your BTC!

And if this downturn of the market would continue into July, yes, we might make „only“ 5% for June or even less. I would still be more than happy with this. I still remember March 2020 when the „weak“ hands still sold at 5k before it fell to 4k when the „strong“ hands started a buying frenzy that ended beyond 50k€- this may happen again! How fast? Nobody knows but no need to worry at least if you don’t need your funds any time soon. Well, and with the crypto market growing again masternoding will also be able to thrive again rather independently (not fully as we see now)  from BTC-volatility.

As you will remember Steve always suggests diversifying well enough – for me this means to have funds (besides in Yieldnodes as the main investment) also in some of their Decenemy-coins plus in some Alt-coins with proven use-cases. I found a list by an obvious expert in Quora that I attach for you. Going thru the coins I learned a lot and was surprised by what you can find out there in the market. I started investing in a few of the top listed coins already which means: I entered buy-trades at around 10% below the present prices so in case the market will come down again I will be in cheaper and have more room for later profits. But this will be a long-term project, nothing to get rich quickly. Nr.2 on the list he recommends to omit as the team behind it stays anonymous. Sure, we all prefer transparency.  You can start very small and once an order is triggered you still can buy more.

Wishing you all the best.


Ps. just contact me if interested in this list.