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The Only German Oligarch on the Sanction List is living next door!

I only knew a few details about him. Now a journalist visited my beautiful German Medieval city of ( 8000 inhabitants) and interviewed the major who had just sent back a yearly donation of 5k€ from our Oligarch 
He is living 150 steps away from my flat on the hill. Whenever I have enough from watching my screen and want to go up into the forest I pass his garden door.
The story can be found in the last „Wirtschaftswoche“ page 56 ff.
As only about 50% of my list is reading my updates I have put them all on my – just scroll a bit and you will find them all.  Otherwise, I tend to repeat details that I find important over and over again which not all may find o.k. 
As a result of this awful war so many are speculating and discussing now what all this can mean for the crypto space, for BTC and altcoins, and last but not least for our Yieldnodes-projects. As nobody really can know we can only find and express opinions. 
Mine is: DIVERSIFY (but not into forex or any trading what I supported long ago) but like this: as a stronger than ever base use YN-Masternoding, next buy the dip of a few top coins on coinmarketcap. And don’t forget to get your hands on some of the most promising DECENOMY-coins. My mix is MOBIC, 777, DASHD, PNY and SAGA. A bit of patience will help as usual. Build your portfolio for the long term and you might see a second SAPP with thousands of % in profits.
Apart from this: some even imagine German or other European banks may collapse – well, in that case, it may be a good move to have a Swiss (non-EU) bank account like with Postfinance. The only condition, you must show up in Switzerland, in Basel for example which is 45 minutes from my place. 
Feel free to contact me for details.  
So next waiting for the result of the second week in March which you will see in your members-area probably tomorrow.
And last: don’t forget to show your account to friends and family. Both YN and they will thank you for it. 5% one-time from YN!
Let me wish you all the best and that we all see better times soon. 
Best regards