Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors

I found a really outstanding automatic gold trading system using „trend reversal“ with amazing results 

When I found it a few months ago I decided to watch it first for a while and wait for a least 12 months of track record. Now we are in its 12th month and being asked often for new alternatives for diversification I just couldn’t wait any longer with presenting it to you now. 

It is monitored by a 37 years old seasoned trader and developer I know who developed it with a partner. They found trading with only XAU/USD-Gold was yielding them better results than any forex currency pair ever did. Due to technical restrictions, we could not go lower than 10k € as min. investment. I would have had to change the broker in order to have mini-accounts allowing lower investments. But as I know as the broker used here for many years as being very reliable and user-friendly I had no real other choice. 

Note: ICM does not take clients from U.S., Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, and Iran.  NEW: via another broker, we can take clients from Canada, New Zealand, and Japan. If relevant for you please contact me via the contact form.

By contacting me to receiving your account application etc. you will come via this ICM-link to their international section (not European Section) where you open an MT4-Account with 1:500 and Raw Spreads. You will be a self-trader (although all work is done for you) as they copy their trades into your account. All explained with screenshots in my reply-email to you upon your request.

Here you can see the gold-trading in action:  Gold-Trading

Please, click around through all stats, risks, and the rest to see how this is working just like clockwork. PIN = 2234  They just withdrew all funds in order to change broker (stats still work), they do this once a year for security reasons. The year before they spent with a UK-Broker. But you as a new client should be able to stay at least for a year with ICM.

What I wasn’t fully aware of initially and I now found explained was: „10k was only available to let investors see how the ea/bot works but then I go back to my minimum of 50k and I give them the opportunity not to have to deposit now 40k more just to leave the account grow to 50k“. In my words: you are requested to only withdraw the monthly fee until your accounts shows 50k€ – similar to what they show on their own 50k account below. This may take from 7-11 months as it did for themselves. Of course if ever results would drop considerably for a while (say under 8% net p.m.) nobody can keep you from closing your account and withdrawing all. But nobody expects this.

A new account started the evening of July 15th: 10k-Account

What our clients say – just one example of the many joining right now: 

„Wow what a start to the gold algo, great addition and tell the developer well done. It’s a game changer if it continues in this manner and emulates the result already seen in the previous year.“

As Australia adopted the same restrictions above all regarding allowed leverage for traders and systems as the European Unity did a while ago, they had to go offshore by forming a subsidiary on the Seychelles where they can continue to offer higher leverages that are needed with this gold-trading. But it is still part of reputable ICM after all. I saw the same happening with European brokers – servers were still the same – only on the Grenadines and other outlandish places a golden plate had been put on a biz-building to better live with the new rules.


While stats show 32.6% gross for these almost full 12 months I found it more correct to better omit these first two and the fourth month as outlier months as the developers obviously scaled it down a bit from month 3. Better underpromise and overdeliver!

So monthly average gross was still 24% less a fee of 35% of gross monthly returns these two developers will bill you for after each month. Just consider it as a usage fee for using their elaborate bot.  I tried hard to get them down with it but they seem to know too well  they have developed a „money-printing“ device and didn’t want to give in. What the remaining average rounded 15% net per month can mean for a 10k-account you can see here:

Take Month for „Tag/Day“! From 10k to around 53k within a year is the potential and beats all my other offers. Of course, past performance is no guarantee for future results.

UPDATE: Now watching this new account you can see that we can rather expect 20%+ net per month. Just click on the 10k-account link above. 

If interested and able to fund with 10k€ please send a short message to my

and I will send you the account opening link and some additional instructions including the calculation tool I use above. As you will see in the stats – although it is not arbitrage – they managed to have only one single negative day in 340 trading days so far. With gold they only have 5 trading days a week while crypto goes for full 7 days. No need for Bitcoin here – you can wire from your „old-fashioned“ bank account and withdraw the same way  🙂

Withdrawal of fees can be done once a month on the last day of a month for sending to the bot-managers.