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You may have never heard of masternoding – I mean the proven real one! Yielding  2293% net (compounded annually) for your masternoded funds over the last 34 months. Even during Corona-month March it yielded over 5% net. With a crypto-expert-COO who has run a huge BTC-mining-rig for 9 years. This is not trading!

Well, I hadn’t either when this company contacted me on Linkedin 19 months ago – I am so glad I took the time to study their website with FAQ and to read the Whitepaper because it turned out to be the best offer in my 16 years (that I spent with managed forex)  I knew I had found a hidden and very profitable niche, much more secure than any trading but with better and more stable returns. And now I also know that the future is in the crypto field. I am in constant contact with the CEO who also would like to talk to you and answer your remaining questions AFTER you studied all as I did. 

At you can find at the moment 300 so-called masternode coins/tokens listed. As described in the White Paper (that I can send you upon your request) they now work with over 15 such coins on 3 risk levels.

Today May 1st from the CEO: the market cap of masternodes has reached over 11 Billion according to one of the biggest masternode resources (, yet when we started in October 2019 it was „a mere 500 million“.This is great news, as the model keeps growing and proves the sustainability of noding in the long term as the ecosystems mature. The main thing we wanted to get across to members is that the whole team is hard at work building something unique, so keep following the developments of YieldNodes and the coin projects! A major part of this expansion is Decenomy PLC, which is currently in the process of being incorporated.

Urs (COO) – the technical head behind this venture – is 55 years old and has been at home in IT for more than 35 years, most of the time as an entrepreneur and freelancer. He has extensive experience in programming, computer networking, online commerce and online marketing. As early as 1999, he operated an online portal called using his own technology and software with one million page impressions per day.

Since 2014 he has been working with Blockchain technology. He had a larger mining farm in Ukraine during the high times of crypto mining, where he lived for nine years. From 2017 he worked on Ethereum and the programming of Dapps (Decentralized applications) and Smart Contracts. He developed a new public offering standard, the RTO (Regulated Token Offering) as a real economic alternative to ICO, STO, IEO and IPO.

One and a half year and lots of happy clients later that I referred to the company (and even more still sitting on the fence) they show an average monthly yield (for the last 31 months) of 10%+ – this equates to +1860% net over last 31 Months compounded!

Corona caused a dent in March but they got back to normal soon after again. You can start with 500€ or equivalent in BTC.

I keep getting visitors to this old homepage who claim: I go with BTC directly and make much more. Good Luck! What is the truth?

Now taking the average 11% net p.m. and one BTC at present costing 50.000€, these 50k would have to grow in 1st year to 175K and 2nd year to 612k and 3rd year to 2.141 M€ in order to be even with masternoding. (Not updating  price here after each 1k rise- I think you get the point: YN at this point is the better deal.)

BTC = 2.141 M€ – maybe one day (if Mr. E. Musk and friends keep buying up BTC :-), but not in 3 years.

These smart visitors did not dare to buy at 4k back in March 2020, but they now got their new „insight“ only once the price started exploding. Typical? Can only congratulate my really smarter clients who tend to stay pragmatic without dreaming and who now increase(ed) their stake in Masternoding staying on the safe side. 

Well, going potentially from 50k to 612k in 2 years sounds like a dream, too, doesn’t it?

But even an average of only 10% (might be one year 11%, one year 10%, one year 9%) would still get you to an amazing 1.545 M€ in 3 years for investing 50k€ today. So what are you waiting for? 

So even a small 500€ could go to 16k for you within 3 years. Money otherwise easily spent at Starbucks etc. (10€ per week) over the year. Worth thinking about it. You can do your own calculations at

Steve (CEO) skyped me in Jan.: „We had a rather good year and thanks BTC it will work for the future. Urs (COO) has managed all extraordinarily well and in 2021 we will also start many use cases.“ (referring to their own coin- projects

Never hurts to take a look at more background info here:       RealMasternoding

Please sign-in here 

Or you sign up using one of the yellow buttons on their homepage to see the members-area which lets you better understand the whole thing. No obligation! They are constantly improving it with amazing new features. And don’t forget to scroll down to see all their supporting projects. Steve (CEO) on Jan. 1st, 21: „Noding is doing very well and especially our inhouse coins are growing and adopting at a great rate. If you want to see your money at work just look at Sapphire (SAPP)   (our flagship ). This reinforces our belief that we are on track of constructing a great decentralized economy based on real needs.“

 Checking it in detail will take only 5-10 min. but really worth it – got investors who started with 500 and are now at 30k after they saw it in action over time. So in order to be kept updated please sign up with name and email.
Please do not hesitate to ask your questions. 
Can show you my own account, send the White Paper and a video with an interview of the CEO answering important questions.

Looking forward to working with you.
Kind regards
Juergen Bappert

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