I had never heard of masternoding before. But after studying their website and talking to the team it was obvious for me: I had found a hidden and very lucrative niche. Much more secure than any trading but with better and very stable monthly returns.

Half a year and lots of happy clients later that I referred to the company (and even more still sitting on the fence) they show an average monthly yield (last 36 months) of almost 10% – this equates to an annual yield of 123.6% (or 224.3% compounded)

Corona caused a dent in March but they got back to normal soon after again. You can start with 100€. Never hurts to take a look.


You should sign up using one of the yellow buttons on the homepage to see the members-area which lets you better understand the whole thing. No obligation! They are constantly improving it with amazing new features.

Checking it in detail will take only 5-10 min. but really worth it – got investors who started with 500 and are now at 30k after they saw it in action over time. In order to be kept updated please sign up with name and email.

My investors made around 70% net over last 6 months – with „hodling“ BTC alone they wouldn’t have made a dime.

Looking forward to working with you.
Kind regards

Juergen Bappert
http://www.forexorcrypto.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/juergenkbappert/