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To open a ProconFX account: Please fill out and submit the form below, to receive complete instructions and forms for opening your ProconFX account. It is important that you provide all the information indicated to receive the correct documents! NOTE: ProconFX does not accept residents of the U.S.A. as clients.

Please also note that the current minimum for ProconFX is 7.500 Euro. Please note that this minimum may be increased at any time. Therefore if you intend to fund your account with this minimum, it is important that you complete your application and funding in a timely manner. We are not responsible for loss of availability of accounts at the stated minimum if you delay in submitting your application after requesting forms. In such event you will be notified that there is no longer availability for funding at the level you desired. We will make every attempt to post the current accepted minimum accurately on this website, and to lobby the provider for the lowest available. Please do not submit the form below until you are ready to submit your application AND fund your account immediately upon approval.


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