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As the very first Affiliate having started a year ago still during Beta I was selected in a group of 5 to participate in this first YN-Audit. The idea as I learned was not to take lawyers or usual business auditors without a clue about cryptos and blockchain but instead some of the best affiliates.

After signing-up here you can enter your members-area and when scrolling down find on the left side the button for „Audit Feb 2021“ where you can read what the other 4 members found out during their audit.

So Urs (COO+CIO) took me for half an hour on skype through countless pages of data, showed me many crypto-wallets (like one on Binance with 6 M€) and disclosed really impressive data regarding their many projects and funds involved. I was surprised to learn how far into the 8-digits they have come with total invested funds within that one year I was working with them. They already have 2700 funded accounts. All masternoding coins and several own coins are placed in around 50 different wallets each on separate servers distributed over several countries, too. So a hacker never could really hurt them which I found very reassuring. On top, I learned – when adding up all assets at present market value – that they already accrued a total of more than twice the value of their present investor-funds – a very good cushion indeed. 

On a side note: some prospects showed concerns in the past like: they might just vanish with our funds. Well, both COO and CEO live with  families including mother, wife and kid. And they earn already very well from their own invested funds and the 15%-share of monthly returns. So the only choice could be between life in Russia like Jan Marsalek from Wirecard chose and going ahead building their business to a huge level- that’s what the plan anyway. Urs told me he (55) will invest at least another 5 years  – before he maybe will inhabit a suite at Mr. Putin’s castle, haha. Urs was born in Stuttgart, the same Bundesland I live in although further down towards Switzerland, next to the Black Forest. 

PS. Wanted to take the opportunity to correct a still quite common misconception, namely: oh with BTC at now over 40k€ I can end up losing if I withdraw my money later. NO, it works like this. For example, you want to invest. 10,000€ and either by yourself or through a service offered in the members-area you buy 0.25 BTC which is sent to YN and credited with 10,0000€. A year later you have 30,000€ or more in your account and you withdraw 30k€. Let’s imagine BTC is then at 60k€. Then YN buys BTC for 30k€, giving them 0.5BTC, which you immediately sell for 30k. That’s it – BTC is just a means for in between. If you wait to sell your BTC, then of course you are speculating as it could go down or up. No matter what happens, you just tripled your capital.

If after one year BTC would be only 4k€ again, like last March, you would get back 7.5BTC from YN, which you could sell immediately for 30k€ – well, in this case, you would rather start holding your BTC, right?

Juergen Bappert

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