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I keep getting visitors to my homepage
who claim: I go with BTC directly and make much more. Good Luck!
Taking the average 11% net p.m. and one BTC at present costing 25.000€, these 25k would have to grow
in 1st year to 87K and 2nd year to 306k and 3rd year to 1.07M€ in order to be even with masternoding. BTC = 1M  
– maybe one day but not in 3 years.
These visitors did not dare to buy at 4k back in March 2020, but they now got their new „insight“ only when the price started exploding. Typical? Can only congratulate my really smarter clients who tend to stay pragmatic without dreaming* and who now increase(ed) their stake in Masternoding staying on the safe side. How about you?
Well, going potentially from 25k to over 1M in 3 years sounds like a dream too, doesn’t it?
But even with only an average of 10% (might be one year 11%, one year 10%, one year 9%) YN would still get you to an amazing 772k.
So what are you waiting for?
And even a small 500€ could go to 21k for you within 3 years. Money otherwise easily spent at Starbucks etc. (10€ per week) over the year. Worth thinking about it.
Or invest 1500€ and look forward to your first Tesla Model Y soon built in Germany for 45k€.
But wait: if you are afraid they could not keep up such high returns long-term then see what more modest returns would still bring you for the next 3 years with 25k€ (= 1BTC at the mom.):
At 10% average monthly:  772k€, at 9% av. m.: 556k€, at 8% av. m. : 400k€, at 7% av. m. : 285K€ and at 6% av. m. : still 203k€  Check yourself here:
I rather expect the 9-10%-version and see some of my clients retiring early.
Steve (CEO) just skyped me: „We had a rather good year and thanks BTC it will work for the future. Urs (COO) has managed all extraordinarily well and in 2021 we will also start many use cases.“ (referring to their own coin- projects)When you scroll down on their homepage (please log in via you find all these amazing projects they are meanwhile involved in all supporting the Yieldnodes-returns for the future.
All the Best for 2021!
Juergen Bappert