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Automatic smart Forex Arbitrage: The rule is simple. You want a secure passive income in 2021 of size x, then you only need to invest 2x now.

After 59 months (soon 6 years) automatic trading:

✅ Average month profit: 4.06 % net since starting June 2016!

✅ Profit in 2020: 58.8%

            ✅ 0.13 % daily

             Go from 10k to 42k within 3 years here!

✅ Drawdown less than 0.4%


                   This kind of Arbitrage systems normally are only for accounts of     more than 100.000 euro, but now also for you.
Our special offer for you: 

✅ Start is FREE

✅ You pay only a profit-share of 30% (instead of 40%)

✅ You can start with 10.000 Euro

✅ Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours

✅ Personal support

                      Special conditions for VIP clients (from 50.000 €)

  • Hitratio (wining trades): 98 %
  • Average trade length: 6 seconds
  • Start: 8 June 2016

Open your account here: Smart Forex Arbitrage


Results 2016

Results 2017

Results 2018

Results 2019

Results 2020 

Results 2021

Receive 3 bonuses when registering here today:

–  100% deposit bonus for 1 month

This means that you automatically trade the first month with a double amount and therefore have a double profit in the first month

–  Pay 30% performance fee instead of 40%

This means that you receive 25% more return compared to a normal account.

–  Pay the performance fee per quarter – not per month.

As a result of this you’ll eventually have more net profit because you’ll be able to compound for 3 months before you’ll pay the fee. After signing up you will get access to the myfxbook-link – well, as it is an affiliate program we get paid a commission (out of their profits!) so we don’t want to get circumvented.  I could talk to the companies (forex+crypto- arb) and most important to several major Dutch affiliates who could tell me many details and their always positive experience with both new offers. 

Very important: this myfxbook-link (with 81 pages of trades) I show screenshots of is not from the company but from a major Dutch affiliate who started it in mid-2016 that I will show you after signing in. Found another Dutch affiliate who even started 1/2 earlier. All very happy with it. This also applies to the Crypto-Arbitrage Trading – comes from the same source in the Netherlands. I used to work with a few traders in the past who did arbitrage trading, but they all over-did it making 50-100% per month which is possible, but it always alerted the brokers and liquidity-providers behind them, so that they started manipulating sooner or later. So we had to change broker often, which was a drag and let us give up soon. Doing it like this with 4% net p.m. is the magic way, meaning they stay under the radar without anybody being able to complain and with 98% winning trades virtually are printing money. Once signed up you can check the trading history in 81 pages hardly finding any losing trade (ok you may search for the 2%). That’s Arbitrage done the right way. 

Open your account here: Smart Forex Arbitrage

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