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I was searching for a crypto trading offer but what I recently found is not trading or mining.   I really like it and after many chats with the team now find it to be a superb asset in my portfolio – but it is not trading at all – much better and more secure.

See for yourself. And: now with the launch for the general public, you can join with a min. of only 500€. Given they can keep at least 10% gross p.m. (previous 18 months made 11% on av.) you could really go for example from 3k to 30k or 10k to 100k etc within 2 years if you let compound your returns. Well, only half of it would still be huge or not?

You can also choose to compound only 50% or 30% or cero – whatever you prefer.

It is not Mining or Trading! Not Forex! Masternoding is not Mining for example! In recent years, Mining has often been offered as an investment, e.g. for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash. Until 2017 this was very lucrative. (Urs the COO had a larger mining farm in Ukraine during the high times of crypto mining, where he lived for nine years.  But since more and more miners are in competition with each other and the energy consumption increases enormously, the mining is clearly unprofitable and even unprofitable with corresponding electricity costs. In addition, there are a lot of scam offers from people who do not mine at all. Anyone who promises a yield in Mining of more than 2% per month is not honest.

Masternoding has 2 huge advantages over Mining, which significantly minimize the risk: In contrast to Mining, no expensive investments are necessary. These must be earned first of all, because their value is close to zero at the end of the runtime. The deposited stakes of the Masternodes can be immediately released when the Masternodes are switched off and can be paid out.

The Masternode earns money from day one, the investment is not touched (Can rise or fall in value, but we compensate this with clever strategies.). Only little energy is needed; therefore, losses are nearly impossible in contrast to the Mining. With the Masternoding only the yields can decrease.

On  you find listed at the moment over 300 so-called masternode coins. According to the risk distribution as described in the White Paper they manage 12 such coins in their pool.

Now you can make over 10% per month by joining this outstanding managed Crypto-Masternode Pool. All DFY! Paid out or with compounding you could easily triple your investment within the first year – although there is no guarantee for future returns possible.

Again: Masternoding is also not Trading. Therefore, loss of capital is highly unlikely as servers are rented and contracts can be canceled on a monthly or daily basis. The team is monitoring all 24/7 to react on all events which could impact yield.

The personal loan agreement protects the investor however against any loss. Now see all details like White Paper and returns – all fully transparent. Just read the FAQ at



Please just go ahead and click on one of the yellow buttons and send.   Or you can just

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For any questions, you may have please contact me. Looking forward to working with you.

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Juergen Bappert


PS. what you also may like with this offer is it only needs 500€ (although you may invest up to 250k).

The payout takes place monthly. But compounding is also possible. Later investors will get less. At the end of the contract period or in the event of premature termination (possible after 6 months), the investor receives 100% of his deposit back plus any accrued profits if compounding was chosen.

And last but not least: you can send funds via a simple bank wire! Although funding with BTC directly still is the fastest and cheapest way.