Managed Forex Accounts for savvy Investors

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after a webinar with the CEO I could not resist to add this to my portfolio. It is a seasoned team in Sweden – for over 10 years in business, providing strategies for several funds. With their Aurum Digital Fund they made these results in 2019 while gold was trending up:

Now their Satoshi EA (constantly monitored and updated)  that they started in December has this description and they will start showing returns within days.

This algorithmic crypto EA trading portfolio consists of long-short trading bot strategies based on quantitative analysis and on-chain analysis, per API, of predominantly Bitcoin and Ethereum mixed with alt coins and FX strategies. Algorithms are set based per quantitative analysis using severe back testing of data on technical analysis; momentum indicators, volume indicators, Fibonacci levels etc. Strategies such as price action strategies on break-outs are implemented If an opportunity arises. So with Cryptos also trending up in 2021 we may see again – well, probably not 3390% – but maybe still a potential few hundred %. Min. investment is only 1000€. You open your own account with Multi-Bank (they just copy their signals into your account), a broker since 2005, regulated all over the world including EU with Bafin. Could be a good way to diversify with some profits you made with other offers.

Start here as an investor!