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+1.4% for 1st week in Aug. – Invest + Diversify NOW!


a surprising +9.2% net for July! So now we have a 34-Month-Track-Record.
As for the concerns that the market may not yet have found its final bottom I mentioned an interesting article:

Morgan Creek Digital managing partner Mark Yusko is forecasting when he thinks Bitcoin will revamp into a new bull market. His conclusion was (see my last update): „Bitcoin is likely in the “spring” part of the cycle where winter has ended, and BTC forms a base for the next bull run in “summer,” which he predicts will happen slightly before the next halving in early to mid-2024.“

Anyway: the present situation is helping Yieldnodes to generate decent returns (+1.4 for the 1st week of August) which may rather look like 6-7% net p.m. staying on the modest side. The last 9.2% rather looked like an outlier to me.

Given such smaller returns – no more 10-11% – I want to mention again that you can easily make up for this „loss“ by showing your account to friends and family. A one-time 5% right into your account is nothing to sneeze at, right? Having 10k in your account for ex. and finding one new investor with 10k means your monthly return could be over 11% easily per month.

As I keep hearing from my investors many do this quite successfully. Sure, with such a long 34-Month-Track-Record, not a difficult job at all.

As for Steve (CEO) preaching to always diversify to lower the overall-riks, I started buying into

With a great team, great partners, good use-case, and above all a very low market cap I see a huge potential over time. Up to you whether you share my opinion or not. 100k coins are still under 300$ at this moment. You might lose it or make x10+. I rather expect the x10+. Sure, it may take a while till it will take off. I am doing my job promoting it, by end of this week heavily in print in the USA for example. Let us see whether this will move the needle.

Please never hesitate to contact me and ask any questions you may have. I will do my best to help.

Best regards


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