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December-Update from the CEO


as I found this update very informative and full of interesting details about their coins I thought I should make sure everybody on my list will read it. It went to the total list YN has with 180k members  – so you can imagine what support and audience there is behind these coins. You also may have noticed that the first week roughly yielded 2.1% – keeping this level would mean around 9% for December. We will see.
Year-end might be a good time to show your account with outstanding returns to friends and family. Maybe even use the new „Pay-it-forward-feature“. It is X-mas anyway.
Never hesitate to come back with your questions.
All the Best
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Dear YieldNoders!

We’re happy to report that payments have been sent out as per the schedule, which we ask you to consider at all times. With that in mind, we would really appreciate you watching the videos and reading the F.A.Q. section to learn as much as you can about YieldNodes processes before deciding to email us, as we’re very busy doing what we do best and want to continue providing impeccable service in that regard.

Sapphire Withdrawals

We recommend that you start using sapphire to stake & masternode, as well as HODLING it for added value. It’s a great way to be in control of your own finances, and it can be exchanged via a multitude of exchanges as well

You can download the wallet from

USDT Withdrawals in Progress

As added value, we’re working towards allowing USDT (Trc-20) withdrawals.. it’ll take a while to implement, but it’s in the works 🙂

Sapphire Hardware Wallet Ledger

We’re hard at work bringing Sapphire (SAPP), our main coin, onto hardware wallets… there’s a picture below. If everything works out, you’ll be able to hold it and even stake directly from the hardware wallet. We’re in deep conversations with the guys at Ledger to make this a reality!

Mobile Wallets for Coins!

We’re also hard at work to finally provide mobile wallets for all of our coins.. the beta version should be going live in a couple of weeks!

Playful Auction (777 Coin)

We’ve had our noses to grindstone with the auction site that will use our 777 coin – that’s scheduled to go into beta at the end of this month!


We continue seeking regulation in Switzerland …and things are progressing – albeit at a snail’s pace, but progress is progress! As you can imagine, there’s a LOT of paperwork and supporting documentation needed, but as soon as we have enough useful info to share, we will.

There’s a ton of specific coin news in the DECENOMY Discord channels, and you’re most welcome to participate in those discussions:


DECENOMY Projects!








:777~13: JACKPOT (777):












Lastly, we want to wish you a very merry MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From all us us here at YieldNodes… thank you for 2 years of trust and support, and hopefully a great 2022 together! … Stay healthy – stay safe …and if you can, pay it forward 🙂

Sincerely, on behalf of the entire YieldNodes & Decenomy Group!!

Urs, Steve, Dima & Yegor

PS: If you really REALLY want to a friendly word on our Trustpilot Profile will sweeten our Christmas! 😉 Thank you sincerely!!



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