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Don’t make these mistakes! Feb.22-Update


you probably read already Steve’s  Update and about our great January result. 
What I found was that several clients reported that they forgot to move the slider on the right side in „Withdrawal“ inside the members-area to 100%. If you forget you always have to move funds/monthly returns into your masternoded funds by hand. So pls don’t forget. Otherwise they won’t get masternoded.
The other day I hit on an unbelievable staking-offer on youtube.
Well, as it sounded too good to be true (and of course it was) what to do first with such an offer? Go and enter the data into your calculator    – you will easily see that you could become a millionaire within weeks even with a small amount. But if you forget to do this you should at least check all those positive comments under the video in youtube. What do you find here? all of them (all are empty without any history – means you can set them up yourself and write all these comments yourself and pretend all is fine although all is fake. And once you sent BNB or ETH they are gone forever.  Now they reacted by adding one on top which has some history. 
Even with „only“ 8% net per month still too many are afraid this sounds too good to be true. (Well, before I got used to it over the last 2 years I felt the same:-)
So I cannot condemn such views – but what I hate is people yelling scam without investing half an hour for doing their due diligence, watching videos on YT, checking the YN-homepage and my own at Reading my two audit-reports and last but not least read comments here:
Another too common mistake is to say: oh I once lost money with an offer you promoted – sure, this can happen. What did I tell such a guy who lost some money 10 years ago: Oh, I once had a bad experience with a woman, will never take a look at one again, they are all not worth it. 🙂
I still remember well March 2020 when all markets plummeted – my stubborn Spanish forex trader who did fairly well for two years kept thinking the market will soon turn around what it didn’t. So he lost 90% of the funds. So all these investors could have thought, what Juergen found in masternoding cannot be good either.
Well, quite a number of those who had lost a lot took the time to evaluate what Steve and his team offered and like myself liked it and invested. Many made back their losses by a factor of 9, 10 or even more. 
Conclusion: don’t take alone my word for it, and don’t be too lazy to do your own due diligence. With a company like YN this is easy enough. 
Is 8% the new average? As URS said in Malta: 10% cannot get reached forever, this might be true. But 150% you make with 8% per year this is still outstanding. And I find there is no point waiting until it one day might be only 7% – unless you feel better when making less. 🙂
One last word: pls check your members-area, scroll down the left side, check the audits and the mail-archive with Steve’s updates. Forgot this one: a visitor from the USA who wasn’t willing to spend a minute to sign-up was disappointed why the CEO did not respond immediately to his questions. A super busy CEO with meanwhile clients in the range of 15k – invested clients. 
Looking forward to having you among the invested members soon.
Best regards
PS. just got this via skype: Joris, 13:48

haha no thank you
I don’t waste my time in scams  (Of course no one ever should 😉