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Important Masternoding-March-Update


what we hear about Ukraine is heart-breaking. At least German stingers and bazookas have arrived. But no more Russian Wodka sold in our shops  – well, we still have Wodka Gorbatschow made in Berlin since 1921 now owned by Dr. Oetker. 
As for Yieldnodes I would suggest all those who still sit on the fence due to whatever reason or concerns to go to youtube and search for Yieldnodes interview – there are a couple with Steve Hörmann (CEO) with very interesting and transparent news that may answer questions you still may have. Of course, this takes a bit of time – it is much easier for many to do nothing but say: this must be a scam.  As for „concerns“: this reminds me of the antivaxxers. I got my 4th last week 😉
If you read already Steve’s update for March 1st (it is also in the mail archive in the members-area) you may also find this very interesting: „Decenomy Hubs. It will be a place where staking and masternoding is explained, people can get together, get funding for coin projects, learn to use this new economy, get help and network aka our gateway to the real world“   Funding for coin projects – sure, this is where the bigger money can be made. My small mix of Decenomy-coins (MOBIC, 777, DASHD, SAGA and PNY tripled in value since Feb 1st. 
Steve always says: diversify – so having invested in YN, in some of the top coins like BTC AND some Decenomy coins could be the right mix. As you know by now the next Coins to jump will be 777 and MOBIC due to the new use-cases they are working on. Mobic has gone down today – best time to get in instead of waiting until it will be twice as much. You can buy them at
One last thing: YN has a very special relation to Ukraine. URS has spent around 10 years of his life there, his wife is from there, Dima in Malta is his brother-in-law. During the last chat with Steve I learned the good news that YEGOR from the core team (foto on their homepage) made it to Croatia -so Masternoding will hopefully not be affected. Well, it is still a bit already as potential huge investors seem to be irritated and waiting at this moment. 
As Steve always ends his update: YN It is a club of like-minded individuals pooling funds to secure blockchain transactions. I am really glad to be part of it.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or ideas or any questions about the coins.
All my updates you find in the Blog-area of my homepage.
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