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it’s time for a new update. You will hear the newest inflation rates in your daily news as I do – the latest were: USA 8.5%, Belgium 8.3% and Germany 7.3%. I would not bet that we later will not see two digits in most countries. What will this mean for our savings? 
If we only take 8% you will have left only 85% after next two years. With a 10%-rate it will be only 81% – imagine. Well, I am glad to make around 8% per month and thus probably end up with around 116% – what a huge difference! 81 versus 116%.
As I feel that some of my list-members always miss one of my updates I have put them in the /blog section of my
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Now you can ditch your bank account if you like. See how. (details about new sepa- withdrawal!)

European Parliament spoiled our 8% for March – but 7.4% is still very decent

The Only German Oligarch on the Sanction List is living next door!

Important Masternoding-March-Update

Forget Gold: Masternoding and these Golden Coins still are the Safest Haven.

Our Safe Haven: Masternoding and these DECENOMY-Coins

New Interview with our CEO and my take on it.

Don’t make these mistakes! Feb.22-Update

Malta-Audit: what I took home from Malta!

Malta-Audit: Was ich aus Malta mitgenommen habe!

As usual I want to remind you that quite a number of your fellow-members showed their account and their outstanding results successfully to friends and family and received a one-time-5% for it.

So can you, too. My daughter recently found a friend who came in with 20k€ – enough to pay for her holidays in Italy soon.

I can report that with now 30 months of proven track record it is getting easier every day to sign up new investors – many start small but also many now increase their stake. I have now 3 relatives that invested – of course you need to show them updates from Steve and from me + my website – of course using your own affilate link so you will get your one-time 5%.  Ok, I always mention the DECENOMY-coins MOBIC, 777, DASHD, PNY and SAGA. You can buy them on

 –  see it long term of course – could be a good move if you can bear the roller-coaster 🙂

My favorite MOBIC dropped over 40%today and is already recovering again – so it is the best time to get in now. Volatility can be to your advantage if you know how to profit from it. Managed to snatch up a few very cheaply.

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